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As a seasoned Business Psychologist, Barbara has worked for visionary leaders in Europe, the United States, and Africa. She is experienced in working with USA veterans, international yoga teachers, writers, builders, disruptors, innovators, and impact investors. No matter what the industry, these leaders are all of the same archetype: They make a real difference in life.

Barbara is always deeply involved in her founders’ personal journeys. “That’s where it all starts and ends.” Read more about the experiences of her clients here, or if you want to explore what she can do for you, don’t hesitate to connect.


Her style is to guide as well as act as the devil’s advocate for visionary leaders who truly want to leave a legacy. Barbara is a passionate and highly skilled guide in analyzing the mind and soul of impact leaders in relation to the vitality of their businesses.

She aligns their amazing human capital with the creation of an effective vision-driven business operation. Clients say: “She knows the founder’s journey impressively well, nobody has ever heard me talking as much as she did, it’s a combination of deep personal interest and intelligent business acuity.”

The way you are 'charged' as a person determines how you grow and run your business as its founder. 


"Visionary companies are able to withstand far-reaching external factors significantly longer than other companies, and are much better assured of a strong result!"

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