Track I: How are you charged as a person and founder

As long as you don’t operate at your full potential as a person and fonder your business won’t either. In this track we undertake the inner journey to discover your full potential and what is holding you back. After this track you will have all you need in place to fuel the fundament of your business, the one that will last. 

The power of inner conflict

Neglected conflicts that were built up over the years are (unconsciously and unwillingly) outsourced towards the business or relationships with significant others. 

This neglect often result in defense mechanisms like ignoring or outbursting, withdrawing yourself, ‘building walls’ or splitting the image in how you show up on the outside and feel on the inside. 

These mechanisms have the goal to keep you ‘safe’ from difficult emotions, but in fact they result in behavior that is fueled by high pressure energy. 

Without a doubt this energy will manifest in every detail in your life; for example the way you look at things, how you react on daily triggers, how your emotions show up, how you communicate with others, in what manner you take accountability for your own actions and how you consolidate. 

In short: they show the bigger picture of you as a person and founder.

Are you in charge?

The least understood factor that determines the biggest part of the success of a business is the personality of its founder. Most founders suffer from mental health issues.

A UC Berkeley study found 72 % of entrepreneurs reported mental and emotional problems, while a U.S. study is showing that almost 50% of entrepreneurs come from a home where at least one parent suffers from a psychological disorder. Several studies report that founders were 10 times more likely to suffer from a depression disorders, 6 times more likely to have ADHD, and 3 times more likely to suffer from addiction and depression. 

Founders self report: lying awake at night (90%), tend to avoid conflict (65%), feeling burnout (64%), experience anxiety (59%) or suffer from substance abuse (14%). All these energies are deeply impacting the people around them and the course of the business

Dare to untangle what is keeping you chained

In this track we use two highly structured and proven body psychodynamic  & language methods. The first is all about the wisdom of the body that will answer the themes you will see in the deck below. 

The second method allows you to enter the gateway to your ancestral inheritance.  Who we are today is significantly related to the ones who came before us. Imagine how we can impact the ones who will succeed us. This deep dive is based on the groundbreaking approach to transforming traumatic legacies passed down in families over generations (by Mark Wolynn).

Both methods provoke you to untangle your most important conflict and fears. It will manifest the treasure that you seek: your true and infinite source. 

This is the fundamental ingredient in how you build and run your business and relations, to last.

In order to move forward you need to let go

At the end: the founders who were brave enough to face their inner conflicts are the most succesfull. Decsiding to take the innner journey made them more humble and open to others; they were able to letting go and move forward.

Founders that face inner conflcits are significantly decisive for initiating and facilitating the future success of the business (Collins and Poras, Good to Great).

In this track we will identify and unravel this inner conflict and  discover the unique ability of the founder that lives underneath. This is the main ingredient to move forwards to Track 2: Validate Your Visionary Business Model

The Charge Deck:


How it works

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  • In between you work on thought provoking online assignments to deepen your inner search (lifetime access)
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“Barbara taught me to look at my deep energy sources and made the link to the foundation of my business. Her coaching and organizational advice takes you from self-knowledge to self-actualization. Her style is a combination of deep interest and intelligent acuity. I wish everyone a mentor who can deliver like that. I personally know only one who can.”

MSc. Job Boersma: Author of various books in the field of micro-emotional expressions and leadership, coach & public speaker